Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shrimp Burgers

1 1/4 lb Medium Raw Shrimp (unpeeled)
Vegetable Cooking Spray
1 Large Egg (lightly beaten)
1 Tbsp Lowfat Mayonnaise
2 tsp Lemon Juice
1/2 tsp Salt
1/8 tsp Ground Red Pepper
3 Tbsp Celery (finely chopped)
2 Tbsp Green Onion (chopped)
1 Tbsp Parsley (chopped)
1 1/4 cups Cornbread Crackers (about 24 crushed)
4 Wheat Rolls
4 Bibb Lettuce Leaves
Sweet n' Spicy Tartar Sauce (see recipe)

Sweet n' Spicy Tartar Sauce:
1 cup Light Mayonnaise
2 Tbsp Fresh Parsley (chopped)
2 Tbsp Horseradish
1 1/2 tsp Cajun Seasoning
1 1/2 tsp Lemon Juice
1/4 tsp Paprika
Stir together ingredients in a bowl and chill 30 minutes to 24 hours.

Peel shrimp; devein if desired. Cut each shrimp into thirds. Line a 15-x10-inch jelly roll pan with aluminum foil. Coat with cooking spray. Stir together egg, and next 4 ingredients until blended; stir in celery, green onion, and parsley. Fold in shrimp and cracker crumbs (mixture will be thick). Shape into 4 (4-inch wide, 1-inch thick) patties. Place patties on prepared pan. Cover and chill 1-24 hours. Transfer to freezer and chill an additional 30 minutes. Coat cold cooking grate of grill with cooking spray and place on grill. Preheat grill to 350F to 400F (medium-high heat). Grill burgers, covered with grill lid, 4 to 5 minutes or until burgers lift easily from cooking grate. Turn burgers, and grill 4-5 minutes or until shrimp turn pink and burgers are cooked through and lightly crisp. Garnish with lettuce and tartar sauce on a toasted bun.


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