Friday, May 25, 2012

Coming Soon...New i-Tunes App

Pennington and tech partner launch website, app targeting body image issues

A new Web-based platform and smartphone app designed to promote healthy body image, as well as address eating disorders and obesity prevention, was unveiled today at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. The new platform, called, and the app, called The Body Image Voice, were launched today by Body Evolution Technologies in collaboration with Pennington. "The vision of is to empower individuals to shift focus from unrealistic appearance ideals and move toward health, balance, and optimal performance," says Dr. Tiffany Stewart, director of the Behavior Technology Laboratory at Pennington and co-founder/chief scientific officer of Body Evolution Technologies. "It seems basic, but science supports the idea that until we regard our bodies better, we won't treat them better," she says. The Body Image Voice app focuses on a single component of body image: the role media and advertising play in shaping our ideals of health and beauty. App users rate the impact of images and ads they see to assess which messages they think are helpful or harmful. The app will soon be available as a free download in the iTunes store. Check out the website here for more information and demos on how the website and app work.

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May 2, 2012

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Food choices can potentially Make or Break a Championship

Many athletes think that they can eat whatever and however much they want because "they are just going to burn it off anyway." This could be the case, as athletes are extrmemly active and burn calories like crazy, BUT will these poor food choices help with their overall performance? Choosing well-balanced meals, snacks, and fluids... before, during, and after athletic events/training sessions can help promote increased energy levels, strength, stamina, and even a higher chance of SUCCESS.

The Plano West Soccer team utilized the guidance from Karin Hosenfeld, a board certified sports dietitian) and incorporated healthier pre-practice snacks and food choices in their daily diets. The team insists that their State Champion win had a lot to do with their nutrition makeover.

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Fuel to WIN

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lady Tiger Basketball Nutrition Workshop

On Tuesday, April 24th, the LSU Lady Tiger Basketball team attended an informative and interactive nutrition workshop with their Sports RD, Jamie Mascari. During this workshop, Jamie took the team on a virtual grocery store tour. Aisle by aisle, they learned about how to shop for nutritious and budget-friendly food products.

Afterwards, the ladies had the opportunity to experience some fun food demonstrations. All of the meals and snacks prepared incorporated the food products presented in the grocery tour and were perfect for on-the-go situations (i.e. between classes, before practice, between team and academic meetings).

The team had some fun as forward, Theresa Plaisance, volunteered to show-off her skills of separating egg whites.
 In addition, guards, Jeanne Kenney and  Adrienne Webb, participated in a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich making contest to demonstrate how fast and simple it is to make small meals and snacks on-the-go. Jeanne was the winner as she finished in 15 seconds!

Other foods prepared included: 3 Minute Breakfast Sandwich; Peanut Butter Banana “Hot Dog;” Turkey Roll-up; English Muffin Personal Pizza, and Chocolate Fruit & Yogurt Rice Cake Treat. Check out the recipes to these nutritious and delicious foods below.

3 Minute Breakfast Sandwich


2-3 eggs (using only 1 yolk) or 1/4 cup egg substitute
2-3 thin slices reduced fat deli turkey or ham
1 slice reduced fat American cheese
1 whole wheat English muffin


Spray small bowl or coffee mug with cooking spray and add & stir eggs or egg substitute. Cover with paper towel and microwave for 1 minute. Remove from microwave and stir once again. Microwave for 45 more seconds. Eggs will take the shape of the bowl/mug. Place egg on English muffin and top with deli meat and cheese. Add some fresh fruit and/or yogurt on the side and enjoy!

Peanut Butter Banana "Hot Dog" 


1 medium-sized banana
1 whole wheat hot dog bun
2 tbsp natural peanut butter
1 tbsp jelly/jam


Spread hot dog bun with peanut butter and jelly and place banana in the middle. Eat like you would a hot dog!

Turkey Roll-up


3-4 thin slices reduced fat deli turkey
1 string cheese stick
1 6-inch whole wheat tortilla


Place turkey slices onto the tortilla. Tightly roll the string cheese stick in the turkey-tortilla and enjoy as a mid-day or post-workout snack.

English Muffin Personal Pizza



1 whole wheat English muffin
4 tbsp pizza sauce/ tomato paste
1/3 cup reduced fat shredded mozerella cheese
8 Turkey Pepperoni (found in the deli meat aisle)



Preheat oven to 200° F. Slice the English muffin in half and evenly spread the pizza sauce on each side. Sprinkle the shredded cheese on each half and top each with 4 pepperoni. With the cheese/pepperoni facing up, place English muffin halves on a baking pan and bake for ~10 minutes or until the cheese is melted. Serve with a veggie-packed side salad and enjoy!


Chocolate Fruit & Yogurt Rice Cake Treat


2 chocolate rice cakes
1 small container low fat vanilla yogurt (or flavor of your choice)
2-4 sliced strawberries


Evenly spread yogurt on top of the rice cakes. Top with the sliced strawberries and enjoy! Mix extra strawberries with leftover yogurt and save for a snack, or mix into a smoothie for a quick breakfast the next morning.

Take home messege:
There is ALWAYS time to prepare healthy meals and snacks, even when on-the-go!

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